Water Management stands between success and failure for the oil and gas industry

Oil and gas companies need fresh and recycled water to complete crucial hydraulic fracturing operations. The controversies are varied. The solutions, complex. Compliance with regulations will vary by state, triggering a legal maze. Hydraulic fracturing, while a financial boon to communities, creates a public relations quagmire when an oil and gas company takes fresh water from a local source. And recycling is a noble idea, but it triggers a logistical nightmare – How do you move the water? Where do you store the water? What do you need to treat the leftover water from hydraulic fracturing? At the heart of these water management issues is the hovering problem of cost management.

IQPC will address these hot-button challenges at the Water Management in Oil & Gas Conference in Houston on July 29-30, 2013.

Our faculty of experts from North America’s leading oil and gas companies will reveal proven strategies for:

  • Understanding the real boundaries of water management regulations
  • Maintaining a working environment where safety remains the #1 priority
  • Recycling the water used in hydraulic fracturing operations
  • Affirming the company’s public image in communities where hydraulic fracturing occurs
  • Partnering with competitors in the same geographic area to build a common pit for water
  • Storing and containing the flowback water efficiently
  • Obtaining permitting requirements from the appropriate authorities for the use of fresh water
  • Treating flowback water so it can be recycled for future use

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